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  Do To covid-19 outbreak i well not be taking anybody till further notice 



1) PA Fishing License with Lake Erie stamp or Trout/Lake Erie combination stamp

    * if Steelhead fishing combination stamp is a must *

    PLEASE purchase in advance of your scheduled date, they can be purchased on-line and printed on your home computer at this link:

A pdf copy of your license and stamps on your phone is acceptable now.


2) Chest waders are recommended, hip boots can be used on steelhead trips. Hip boot will limit the water that can be fished, Presque Isle a lot of the fishing for Bass and Bluegills is done waist deep in water. Breathable are more comfortable when walking up and down the creeks, I ware mine until cold weather moves in then its neoprene all the way. Felt soles are better that rubber and metal studs are far superior to either felt or rubber soles, Korkers are what I wear. If you need to purchase waders for cold weather get a size big enough to fit a pair of wool socks in them with a little wiggle room, my waders are 1 1/2 sizes bigger that my shoe size.


3) Clothing will depend on the time of the year. In colder weather dress in layers with a rain jacket as the outer layer, a rain jacket with a hood is the best windbreaker available. Most people prefer stocking caps in cold weather I wear a ball cap most of the time. Combined with a hoody and rain hood it keeps me warm and the bill keeps rain and snow off my glasses, which makes it easier to see. Fingerless gloves in the colder months is a plus when were fishing and regular gloves for when those finger tips get to cold, I will have hand warmers available for your use.


4) Rain gear? For me my waders combined with a rain jacket is the best rain gear, particularly in the colder months. If we're fishing off the docks or pier heads rain gear may be more comfortable.


5) Sunglasses Polarized is best for seeing the fish.


6) Camera - even though I will be taking photos throughout the day you may want to take some on your own and it makes a good backup in case there's a problem with mine.


7) Stringer and cooler if you are planning to keep any of your catch.


8) Warmer months don't forget the sunscreen.


9) When fishing the creeks you might want a small backpack to carry personal items, food, drinks, extra gloves, hat, etc. it will help keep your hands free while we're walking.


Sunrise Over Presque Isle

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