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 What waters do you guide on?

Primarily Elk and Walnut Creek’s for Steelhead and Presque Ilse Bay for warm water fish and Steelhead.

 How long is a day of fishing?

That would vary with the species and the time of year; five hour minimum and the quitting time would be determined by you and the conditions. Rates will be adjusted for any day that is shortened by the weather or water conditions.

 Would we be fishing out of a boat?

No all my fishing is wader fishing from shore or at times from pier heads and docks. Use of a boat would require a captain’s license issued by the U.S. Coast Guard.

 What time do we start fishing?

I prefer to start at daybreak, but that well usually be up to you, I will always advise on the best time to get started. During Steelhead season usually you are going to want to get as early a start as possible, dependent upon weather and crowd pressure. Warm water fish can be very active at daybreak but good fishing can happen all day, so we can customize the day more around your needs.

 Are you a licensed guide?

No, I am a permitted guide in the state of Pennsylvania. The state of PA requires all persons acting as a charter boat or fishing guide on the waters of this Commonwealth must first apply for a permit and provide proof of training in basic first aid, CPR and the required amount of liability insurance. A list of all permitted charter boats and guides can be found on the Fish Commissions web site at

 Can we keep what we catch?

I believe in selective harvest, as long as we are within the legal limits by all means keep what you can use. I am more than happy to clean your catch at the end of the day.

 What is the daily limit?

With Steelhead you can keep 3 per person. The limit differs with each species of fish; you can go to the state web page to check each out.

 Can I use my own equipment?

Certainly, if you feel you have equipment that can get the job done, by all means bring it along. I will always have mine available if you change your mind. Keep in mind I have worked long and hard to come up with the best tools for the job and I'm still looking for a better way and better equipment. It is impossible for any one person to try every rod and reel that is out there and it is best to compare them under the same conditions.

 What do we need to bring?

  1. PA Fishing License with Lake Erie stamp or Trout/Lake Erie combination stamp

  2. Chest waders are recommended hip boots can be used on steelhead trips.

  3. Appropriate clothing for the time of the year.

  4. Rain gear

  5. Sunglasses Polarized is best

  6. Stringer and cooler if you are planning to keep any of your catch.

               For more details go to my “What To Bring” page

 What do I supply?

All necessary baits, lures, rods & reels, net (if needed), digital photos of your day and a great day of fishing.

 Do I need to bring my vehicle?

Unfortunately at this time if there is more than one person you would have to fallow me in your vehicle. 

Trout Run nursery waters
Nursery Waters
Trout Run nursery waters
Nursery Waters
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