This is a guide service based in Erie Pennsylvania specializing in wader fishing west side creeks (Elk & Walnut) and Presque Isle Bay for multiple species, depending on the season. Steelhead in the fall, winter and spring. Perch and Crappie in the Spring. Bass and Bluegills in late Spring & early Summer.


Hello, my name is Kenneth Kreger and with 40+ years of fish catching experience, I'd like to help you create your own adventure.

Elk and Walnut Creek’s sit in the middle of the so called "steelhead ally", 20+ days are not uncommon. Presque Isle Bay is a 3,718-acre natural embayment of Lake Erie, with its diversity of fish species makes it very impressive

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10 Pounder
Nov 2009  13 lbs
12 lbs. 4 oz.. 30 ins.. 18.75 in. Girth.
27in 17.75 girth 10.9 lbs.
12 LBS +
Brown Trout 29 in. 14.84 lb.
12 lbs. 4 oz. 30 ins. 18.75 in. Girth
13 lbs 7 oz 10-2-2012


They were the first to start stocking Steelhead back in 1966 learn more about the 3CU at

Elk Creek - Legion Park
Perry's Monument
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